Project: Perfect Catamaran

I still remember the exact moment when I realized that monohull sailing wasn’t for me. It was during my first blue water trip in 201x, aboard a sailboat larger than a Laser class dinghy. As we hoisted the mainsail and genoa in 24 knots of wind, the mast tilted alarmingly close to the waterline. My immediate thought was, “Is this normal? How do people enjoy this?” Despite my initial apprehension, the trip from Bremerhaven, Germany, to Brest, France, was exceptional and did not deter me from continuing my sailing adventures.

Over the following years, I explored many destinations on a monohull, even braving autumn storms with 7-meter (21-foot) waves from Germany to Norway. However, the advent of YouTube exposed me to the smooth sailing of catamarans, and I was increasingly drawn to them. After logging over 5,000 nautical miles on a monohull, I finally had the chance to sail a catamaran myself. It was a revelation. The world seemed to make sense again — perhaps not quite that dramatic, but it was clear: I wanted to focus on sailing catamarans from then on.